Imagine…You, tuned in, turned on and feeling fully ALIVE as you bring your desires, dreams and ambitions to life.

Put on your Crown + Embrace your Power + Create the Life you Want to Live


polaroidI’m Leah Shapiro: a Powerful Coach, Bold Creatrix, Renegade Queen and a Real-Life Mermaid.

I support ambitious, creative, freedom-loving women as they embrace their sovereignty, own their power and create authentic and fulfilling lives.

Your ability to create a fulfilling life lies in your willingness to embrace all of who you are and to give yourself permission to have what you truly desire.

It’s YOUR life. You get to DECIDE how you want to live it.

Putting on your crown and claiming your sovereignty means making yourself the ultimate authority on what you need to feel good, be happy and live a deeply fulfilling life. It’s a necessary step if you want to rule your world.

When you claim your sovereignty, you’re choosing yourself, your dreams, feeling good and being happy above all else. You decide what your life will be and base your choices on your wants, needs and truth. Once you discover the power and sweet FREEDOM in doing what feels right to you, there’s no going back.

Let me be your guide as you put on your crown and boldly rule your world!

When I partner with you, we tune in to your desire and inspiration, tune out the self-defeating stories that hold you back, and amplify your ability to create the life you want to live.

Picture this:  You owning your power, trusting yourself and letting your inner wisdom be your guide as you courageously live the life you want to live: A fulfilling, meaningful, freaking fabulous life; where you feel peaceful in your head and deeply satisfied in your soul.

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Leah Shapiro