Patriarchy Sucks

You know it, I know it —
And now we want to know what to do about it.

We’ve Had An Awakening

We’ve realized that society has been trying to cram us into the box of the “good women” our whole lives, and there is no room in there for our dreams, desires and ambitions — let alone who we truly are.

We reject that.

We’ve decided to replace this patriarchal system that governed our lives & our most intimate choices with something else.

And so we’re resisting all the external expectations and conventional rules because we know they keep us small and obedient.

We want more for our lives.

What Comes Next…

A lot of times, what happens is this: we replace the patriarchal system we reject with a new system of enlightenment (LOA, Divine feminine, Healthy Living, different spiritualities)…

…and then work hard to rock it out and become the persona the new system requires you to be.

Green smoothies.
Positive thoughts.
Self help.

Obedience isn’t Freedom

But here’s the thing: when we swap one system of rules for another, we’re not getting free.

Instead we’re adopting yet another form of obedience —

— and if you’re craving freedom, OF COURSE that’s not going to feel aligned or authentic.

Obeying someone else’s rules will not get you free.

Here’s  what I want you to know- THERE. IS. NO. SYSTEM.

What you want and what you envision does not exist yet.

It’s your vision…It’s unique to you.

And because it does not exist yet, nobody else has a system for creating your particular sovereignty and freedom.

So instead of looking outward for programs and solutions and systems, you have to discover your own sovereignty, practice it, and invent your own guidance system.

You do that not by going outward but by going inward.

That’s the work we do together.

Hi, I’m Leah Shapiro. Freedom Coach + Renegade Queen.

I stand for FREEDOM.

The freedom to be YOU, speak your truth, go after your dreams and live the life you want to live.

No. Matter. What.

I support you, my fellow Renegade Queen (and no doubt, if you’re here seeking freedom for the patriarchy, that’s probably who you are!), as you access your freedom and create the purposeful, deeply fulfilling life you are here to live.

No apologies. No regrets.

No obedience to someone else’s system.

No explaining, justifying or convincing other people why you deserve it.

It’s YOUR life. You get to DECIDE how you want to live it.

I’ve been coaching Renegades since 2004 when I became a certified Life Coach through Coach U. I also have a BA in Sociology and I combine my formal academic training with a deep devotion and extensive trainings in spiritual and energy-based traditions.  It’s not one or the other, obviously. We are whole and magnificent spiritual creatures who think, and that’s exactly my approach. I can see all of you: head and heart, spirit and mind, soul and body, woman and queen.

Becoming a Renegade Queen is a way to continue your conscious journey without adopting yet another restrictive, rule-based system.

Instead, as a renegade and a queen, you grow your own capacity.

That’s the work we do together. I’ve got a coaching container in which you explore this for yourself.

It’s not a system. It’s not a formula. It’s you, becoming more of you.

You deciding what your life will be.
You telling the truth about what you want and what works for you.
You becoming free and sovereign woman you were born to be.

Renegade Queens seek support, advice and counsel; yes —
But they do not adopt systems whole. They do not obey.

They get free and they lead.

That’s what I want for you: for you to go inward, discover your own sovereignty, practice it, and become the Renegade Queen in charge of your own life.

<Let’s Get Free>



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