10 Sure Signs You Need To Unleash Yourself

Ok Renegades………

frustratedHow many of these are you doing?

1. Constantly defending, explaining and justifying your actions to the people around you.

2. Feeling bad about yourself; like you’ve let yourself down and aren’t living up to your full potential.

3. Being paralyzed by self-doubt and over-analyzing things because you’re petrified of making a mistake and losing everything you’ve already created for yourself.

4. Constantly worrying about what your clients, friends and family will think if you actually DO what you want to do. What if they don’t like it… or even worse- stop liking you?

5. Listening to the voices in your head saying, “You’re not doing it right” or “Who do you think you are?”; “You can’t do THAT” and “You’re not ready!”

6. Thinking about all the things you should be doing instead of being selfish and wanting something different for yourself.

7. Believing there must be something wrong with you when you don’t get the results you are looking for.

8. You feel like you don’t fit in and no one will get you so you’re self-conscious about going to networking events and connecting with other business people.

9. Comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up and can’t possibly compete with them.

10. Being a perfectionist prevents you from putting your self/work out there.

If you find yourself doing more than one of these things it’s a sure sign that you’re holding back and not living the life you WANT to live.

Ready to change all this?

We live in a society that likes to create sheeple. From the very beginning we are taught to fit-in, follow the rules and do what is expected if we want to be accepted and loved.

We are never taught how to love and trust ourselves, or listen to our hearts, or encouraged to be who we are; nor are we taught how to go our own way and identify what works for us.

It’s time to STOP worrying about what you should do and LEARN TO listen to your heart, trust your instincts, make choices and take action that feels right AND gets the results you’re looking for.

Is this something you want?

If your answer is “HELL YES!”…….

Sign up for Unleash Yourself-my 30 day transformational program- get on the fast track to true happiness and freedom by giving yourself permission to be 100% you with no apologies or excuses, so you can reclaim your power, fall in love with yourself, and feel accomplished.


Class starts Sept 27th!

What people are saying about the class-

“I was sitting here reviewing goals and first quarter stuff and I’m just still in awe of how life changing working with you has been. I have changed a LOT in the past 14-18 months, but I was never open to the world. It was like I wore a shield and armor all the time. I can see the effects of your course (Unleash Yourself) everyday and I don’t think I have ever had that experience before.”

“If I could speak to every woman contemplating the Unleash Yourself program, I would say this … Unleash Yourself will take you on a soul journey to uncover those parts of yourself that align you with the “you” that you wish to be. You’ll learn how & where you’re sabotaging your own success & what to do about it. At the same time, Leah will never let you forget to identify with those parts of yourself that make you the amazing woman you are.”

“The course has been fantastic! I’ve had so many AHAs, so many revelations about how I have been living and what I really want from my life. It’s given me the permission I was searching for to listen to my instinct and trust that if it feels good then do it, everything else will fall into place.”

Once you Unleash Yourself, there is nothing stopping you from flying your freak flag and living a life you love.

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