10 Sure Signs You Need To Unleash Yourself

How many of these are you doing? 

1.You’re afraid to take risks to put yourself out there and talk about what you offer because you think “who am I to talk about this?” or “Nobody cares what I have to say, anyway”

2. Nobody signs up for your offer the first time you mention it so you automatically think no one wants it and slink off to lick your wounds instead of trying out some news ways of pimping it out.

3. You’re self-conscious about going to networking events and connecting with other business people because you feel like you don’t fit in and no one will get you.

4.Selling has become something that feels horrible because your self-worth is on the line.

5.You compare yourself to others and feel like you don’t measure up and can’t possibly compete with them.

6.You spend hours going over and editing your emails and blog posts to make sure you don’t offend anyone.

7. You constantly worry about what other people are going to think.

8. Your mantra is, How do I know what is going to work?

9. Your self-doubt and fear make you second-guess yourself and keep you from taking action.

10. You know deep down inside you are meant to be doing so much more!


Ready to change all this?

First and foremost- Know that there is nothing wrong with you!!! You are brilliant and the world needs what you have to offer.

It’s time to stop making yourself wrong every time something doesn’t go as planned. The sooner you learn to unhook your self-worth from your results and TRULY love yourself – right where you are – the better

You can make money by being YOU and doing work that you love! People are doing it every day.

JGI imageBut first you need to work the inner-shit out and super-charge your self-love factor so you feel good about who you are and what you have to offer.

Start Here

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