2012 is Shaking Things Up Already

I can’t believe that it’s less than three weeks till we welcome in 2012!!

I’m excited about 2012, are you?

I’m excited by all the shifts and changes that are happening in the world. I believe that this is what 2012 is all about. The shifting into a new level of expansion where we take a stand for what we believe in and what is important to us. We’ll ditch the status quo and tune into a new way of living and relating that honors the individual and what each of us has to offer.

I’ve felt this shift coming for a long time now.  I’ve felt it in your unwillingness to be a cog in the system and your desire to do meaningful work and heal yourself, each other and the planet.

I feel now it in the dissatisfaction with the government, unequal distribution of wealth and dysfunctional justice systems throughout the world.

I feel it in the underlying desire for MORE that I hear expressed by my clients. More connection, meaning, abundance, joy, peace……the list goes on and on. This strong desire for more will not go unanswered! The opportunities are there for each of us.

I’m wondering how this shift is showing up for you? What are you questioning and wanting more of?

On a personal level, I’ve been feeling the shattering of some old stories that I’ve been subconsciously holding onto, and it’s opened the way for some major expansion!

I’m embarrassed to admit too some of these stories…but I will share them with you anyway.

One story said nobody really wanted me around nor did they care what I had to say. Another one told me I didn’t fit in with the cool kids.

Both of these stories are  just plain crazy!

When I pay attention to my life, I see proof that they are not true, but deep down inside I was buying  into these old stories and they were holding me back. Here are a few examples – I noticed that I was holding back in social situations and feeling like I didn’t fit in around other powerful, successful business women. I was looking for the ways I didn’t fit in rather than all the ways we could be friends. WTF!??

I also wouldn’t call friends up and pursue spending time together last minute because I figured everyone already had plans and they didn’t invite me. Poor me!!! No body likes me!!!


I’m glad I cleared that shit out!!!

I’m enjoying my friends so much more and connecting with tons of cool  business men and women that I’m looking forward to collaborating with in 2012.

Are you experiencing all the internal questioning that this shift brings with it? Share what you are releasing and expanding into in the comments below!




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