30 Days of Yum (Wisdom Collective)

This weeks podcast is juicy!!

Especially if you struggle with loving/appreciating yourself, seeing your awesomeness or worry that focusing on your own awesomeness will unleash the Arrogant Egomonster.

WC 30 days of yumHere’s the inspiration for the show……..Last week I put out a call to action and invited you to join me for 30 Days of Yum!

Boy did this strike a cord! With in hours of my creating the group on Facebook, there were over 100 people signed up to participate and the questions were rolling in.

Questions like…..

Why is it so hard to love/ appreciate myself? 

How can I love myself when I so clearly see my flaws?

How do I talk about loving and praising myself with out becoming the Arrogant Egomonster? I’ve been there before and am afraid this practice will unleash it again.

How do we do this without being competitive?

It’s clear that there is a need for a safe space to master the art of loving yourself up and singing your praises.

I’m happy to be able to provide that in 30 Days of Yum!!

I decided to invite my friend and inspiration, Eyenie from Technicolor Priestess to join me for a discussion about super charging your self love factor, WHY it’s important AND challenging, and some simple things you can do to make the whole process easier.

I hope you enjoy it!!


Come on over and join us for 30 Days of Yum! 

Here the 411 on my guest so you can check her out-

EyenieEyenie Schultz, The Technicolor Priestess, is a SoulStyle Coach + Visibility Facilitator who helps women to discover, embrace and confidently reveal their unique beauty through their signature style. She firmly believes that beauty is a choice and is on a mission to help ladies all over the globe sprinkle it into their daily lives.

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