What if Your Strengths are Different than You Think?

Over the past few weeks in the Create Your Kick-Ass Life Program, we have been focusing on really knowing yourself. Part of that work has been entertaining the idea that you are better off spending your time and energy focusing on your strengths and building upon them than trying to fix your weaknesses.  This way of thinking is pretty much the opposite of what we are brought up to believe, so it can be an edgy place to stand.

This always brings up the question- Who gets to determine what your strengths are? Is it your parents? Society?  Your teachers?

In my mind, I’m the only one who can determine what my strengths are. I’m the only one who has all the inside information that is needed about how I feel when I’m doing something.

I know something is my strength when it feels really good to do it. I feel tapped in and turned on when I engage in it! My energy naturally goes there, and it feels fulfilling to me.

I want to point out that just because you are good at something, it doesn’t mean it’s one of your strengths and you should pursue it. I find the real determining factor is how you feel while engaging in it, and if you naturally have the energy to do it.

For example- I’m really good at working in restaurants. There has always been plenty of opportunity for me there. Outwardly I was very successful, but the reality was that it didn’t feel very good to me. Working in that environment totally stressed me out, and felt bad in so many different ways. I self medicated in a variety of ways to get through my week. Even thought I was good at it, it doesn’t mean it was good for me.

On the other hand, being a Kick-Ass Life Coach feels awesome. I’m totally in my flow when I’m coaching someone, and the results are always fantastic. It is effortless. I have tons of energy for it and I don’t need anything besides my inspiration to get through the day.

Lots of people thought I was crazy when I wanted to become a coach. They had never heard of it before and thought I was a trouble maker for wanting to help people question the “norms” in order to determine what was right for them. But I knew deep down inside that it was perfect for me and I would be well served by focusing my resources, and energy towards expanding my capabilities.

I curious, what are your strengths?

Are there any you have ignored because  someone told you they were not worth pursuing?

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