4 Fool Proof Ways to Make Your Marketing FUN

Today’s guest blogger is Cheryl Heppard


Do you sometimes feel like your marketing isn’t FUN?  If you aren’t excited, inspired and energized by your marketing plan, imagine how your readers, website visitors, and clients might feel?  What kind of marketing do you personally feel drawn to? What types of social media posts do you enjoy the most? If you’re like me, anything that is witty, creative, imaginative and just plain FUN is what makes me sit up and take notice, and even click the “like” and “share” buttons!

If your marketing feels too serious, businesslike and boringggggg, here are some strategies you can use to make your marketing a lot more interesting and memorable.

1. Don’t be BOSSY

When writing your blog posts,  newsletters, blog posts, articles and any other narrative types of marketing, stay off the soapbox. Avoid positioning yourself as the example to be followed, the worthy mentor, and the pillar of strength.  Preachy pieces of advice are rarely received well, it can be perceived as overbearing or condescending.  Use personal stories and case studies whenever possible, stories are interesting and memorable.  Try to write clearly and use a light, undemanding tone.  Keep in mind that presenting an image that is too “perfect” can have the opposite intended result.  Be real, just be YOU!


Humor is a universal language, which means that by using your sense of humor, you can influence the way people see things and the way they view YOU and your business. Whenever possible, try to include humor into your writing and marketing. Be FUN and write with enthusiasm. If you’re bored, it will be reflected in your promotions.  Don’t be afraid to make people laugh because people are drawn to things that make them happy.  (The ridiculous Halloween videos I created last week got more responses and comments than ANY other videos I’ve ever created! And guess what? They were the most fun I’ve ever had creating videos too! Our crazy caricature card got a lot of rave reviews as well)

3. Less is MORE

Some of the most loved and well-known writers used simple, easy to read language. Anne Rice, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck,(my FAV) Paulo Coelho and Isabel Allende are the kind of writers that did not require their readers to read with a dictionary next to them.  As a result, their readers found it easier to understand and appreciate their work.

To keep the mood of your copywriting upbeat and fun, don’t try to exert too much effort to impress your readers. They want to be entertained and to be informed, not bewildered or confused. Don’t make it too hard for them. If they have to work at, they simply won’t.

4. Don’t try to please everyone.

There is no way your writing and marketing will resonate with everyone.  Even the best and most talented writers haven’t been able to do that. This is why writers have target audiences or niches, and so should businesses.  Can you imagine if scary Stephen King wrote a romance novel? Of course not.

To keep your marketing upbeat and fun, be yourself, take a stand, use stories and case studies.  Out yourself when necessary, show that you’re human and have your own struggles, troubles and mishaps.  This is what people relate to and appreciate most.

What types of marketing do you find is fun and memorable? If you have any comments or tips of your own to share, I’d LOVE to hear them if you have the time to leave me a comment below.


Cheryl is founder of  CherylHeppard.com, a company dedicated to teaching health and wellness entrepreneurs all around the world learn how to utilize proven internet marketing and strategies to attract loyal subscribers, sign more clients, and produce more revenue,  freedom and fun in their business, all while sharing their talents, gifts and message in a much bigger way.

After applying Cheryl’s proven online marketing methods, her clients typically experience a significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, media exposure, and income.

To get Cheryl’s popular, free “Website Wellness Guide” as well as her weekly tips and ezine on marketing and client attraction for entrepreneurs, visit CherylHeppard.com.

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