What You Need To Know About the Subject of Money

This week’s episode of Defy the Box radio was all about the energy of Money. My usual co-host, Papillion, was off frolicking for his birthday so a few of my old Wisdom Collective friends stepped up and joined me on the call. The end result was fun and information packed show.

I want to share something with you that really stood out for me during the call.

First: You get what you think about. I cannot say this enough.

Second: It is important to recognize that when you think about Money it is really two subjects, and it is vital that you know which one you are focused on.

The two subjects are:
1) Yes, Money! There is plenty of money. I feel the freedom and ease that plenty of money can bring. Money flows easily to me and is a means to bring me everything I desire. This is the place of your ever abundant flow.

2) The Absence of Money, Not nearly enough money, and the feeling of fear and disappointment that you get when you think about the absence of money. This is a big place of Lack and there is never enough here.

To tune into what subject you are focusing on when you think about money try this simple exercise.

Think about some “Thing” that you want, and notice what your thoughts and feelings are about it.

Are you focusing on how cool it will be to have what you want? How much you will enjoy having it and how fun it will be to use it. How it is the perfect addition to your home, wardrobe, or life.

Or are you focusing on how much you want and need it but where are you going to get the money for it? It costs how much? Jeeze! It is not that great anyway, and I should look for a cheaper version. I will never be able to afford that….not with the pitiful pay I get.

Do you feel the difference between these two statements?

Which thought process do you think will bring you more prosperity and abundance?

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