A bit of morning basking

Yesterday was one of those amazing days when I’m really able to feel how Kick-Ass my life is.

I had to go get my car serviced and it required me to venture out onto the rush hour traffic at 7:30 AM , which is something that I rarely do. Traffic was backed up everywhere I went, with people blocking intersections and cutting each other off. (I DO live in Boston, and we’re not known for being nice drivers). It made me think how much it would suck to have to do this every day!

I big wave of appreciation swept over me and I could feel an amazing sense of joy swelling inside of me. I have successfully created my life to honor my ‘Yes’. I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to do. My life is perfectly designed to suit me. Sometimes I have no idea how I am going to achieve something, or where the money is going to show up from, but it always works out. Every time I get exactly what I need to expand further in to who I really am.

Boy does that feel good!!!

I basked in those good feelings all the way to the Mazda dealership.

You know what?

I can teach YOU how to design your life to be Kick-Ass too.

Click here to take a peek at my services page .

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