A Hedonist Adventure

How to bring more juicy goodness into your life.

Many of the people that I work with feel like their lives suck in one way or another.

* they can’t stand their job
* feel overwhelmed in their business
* their relationship is stagnant,
*  they are just plain old bored and uninspired.

They are sick and tired of doing the same dull shit everyday.

They are tired of struggling to achieve the success that they know is out there…. somewhere…..waiting for them.
(they think it is)
They hope it is!

They are dying for some fun, meaning, and satisfaction in their lives.
Juicy Goodness! That’s what they want!

In order to get to the juicy goodness you need to start identifying what feels good to you  and what you want more of.

It is a big process of exploration. Curiosity is key!

I send my clients on a Hedonists Adventure. This adventure has two parts.
The first part is all about discovery.
Take note of all the things that are currently in your life that:
•    Feel good
•    Already work
•    You want more of
•    Makes you smile

The second part is all about exploration.

Go check out all the things that you think might interest you. Especially the things that you feel like you are not supposed to be interested in!  Read books, join groups, go new places, look on the web. Challenge yourself to push past your usual boundaries and take a peek into the world you were always curious about.
As you begin to explore these things, notice how it feels to you. If you get a big “Yes…I want more of this” go for it!  If you get “ No…not digging it so much” move on to something else. This adventure is all about discovering what feels good and increases your happiness.

This adventure is guaranteed to give you plenty of food for thought and to identify a few different things you might like to try on for size in your career and personal life.

What would you like to go out and explore?

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