A New Way to Approach Transforming your Life

Have you ever had a big dream that you were really excited about, but you ended up abandoning it because you could not figure out HOW to make it happen?

Back in the day, this happen to me all the time. I would end up totally frustrated and stressed out and then decide that I really did not want it anyway (which was a bunch of crap).

Then I learned a new way of approaching things that totally shifted everything for me.
I learned how to come into alignment with the energy of my dream before I take action. You do this by feeling good first, then taking action from that good feeling place.

Now you may be asking: “How could that possibly work?”

It is simple really.

Being in alignment literally means: to line up with.

When you are in alignment with something the way is open and your path becomes clear, and as a result, the details around “how” to bring it into being become clear.

I imagine that this big dream of yours feels really good to you. In order to be in alignment with your dream, you need to feel good too.

As you come into alignment with your dream you begin to get all kinds of inspired action ideas. Suddenly you know exactly what to do. Perhaps you are inspired to email someone, or take a walk where you run into just the right person, or you suddenly see an ad for just what you need.

Think about it for a minute. On days that you are feeling good and in the flow, don’t things seem to easily unfold for you?

Those days that you are feeling bad and cranky, nothing seems to be going your way.

When you are feeling good, you are in alignment.

When you are feeling bad, you aren’t.

Get in alignment and your path becomes clear!

The next question is: “How do I get into alignment with my big dream?”

I will cover that next time.

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