A Radical New Concept for 2013

Happy New Year!

How will you ring in 2013?

My celebration started last night when I hosted a Fabulous Family Feast for 25 people. I spent a few days preparing a variety of delicious dishes and had fun catching up with everyone. Tonight my sweetie and I will be enjoying the First Night activities in Boston. We’re looking forward to seeing all types of music performances and shows plus the ice sculptures. We’ll top of the night by joining our friends at a big party.

I invite you to ditch the resolutions and try something radically different this year. Make this the year of radial self-love and acceptance. Instead of making yourself wrong, trying to change, and wishing you were different – embrace who you are and practice seeing the perfection in it. Focus on what is awesome about you and stop trying to fix yourself. (Seriously! Trying to fix yourself is a big waste of time- you aren’t broken to begin with.)

Give yourself permission to embrace your desires and make happiness your top priority. Let your Lusciousness shine through.

A great way to do all of this is to start your day with the simple practice of thinking of 3 things that you appreciate about your life and 3 things you appreciate about YOU. Write them down and bask in the glow of these good feeling thoughts for 90 seconds. That’s all it takes to amplify the energy and attract more of this juicy goodness into your life.

The Daily Yum can help you with this. Click here to get a copy this powerful practice. (Warning- extreme happiness is a reported side effect)

How about starting right now? Share three things you appreciate about yourself in the comments below.


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