A Solstice Wish for You

Happy Solstice!!

Welcome to the next level of your expansion.

Are you feeling any different today?

I’m feeling very clear, optimistic and excited about the future. Things have been shifting for me over the past six months. Lots of old stuff coming up, new awareness coming in and the release of old beliefs. I can feel things shifting on an energetic level too as I let go of the old to create space for the new.

I believe that part of it is due to my new clearing practice and my desire to expand into my greatness. My commitment to feeling good and to stop pushing against the things I don’t want while focusing on all that I do want is paying off.  Life just keeps getting better and better.

My Solstice wish for you –

May you release with ease all that no longer serves your highest good, and open up to loving and accepting all of who you are.

May you find the courage to be YOU- in your full freaky glory- and share your brilliance with the world- we need it!!

May you make feeling good and being happy your highest priority, and worship at the altar of your desire.

Finally-Let us all move beyond tolerance to a place of allowing and loving-acceptance of all beings. Even if they piss us off and they do things differently than we do.

What are you wishing for the world right now?



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