A Study in Kick-Ass Creation-The Rock & Roll Guru


I learned about Joe Heuer, the Rock and Roll Guru from my friend Dave Rendall when he featured him as Freak of the Week on his blog. When I read Joe’s awesome philosophy I was sold-

“We came here to groove, not to endure. We’re supposed to have fun and do what brings us juice and gives us passion. Do whatever makes your heart sing.”

Joe is a great example of someone who has embraced his Inner-Freak to identify what makes him unique and different. He is now rocking it out and sharing his gifts with the world as the Rock and Roll Guru.

I invited Joe to join me on My Kick-Ass Dream Life to discuss how he defied the box to create his Kick-Ass Life, and if we’re lucky, he will share some of his rock and roll philosophy


You can join in the live conversation Monday May 23 at 3 PM EST

by clicking on this link-

or dialing in- (661) 244-9817

As always you can listen to the podcast of any of our shows by clicking here

Joe Heuer is an author and professional speaker who writes the popular blog RockandRollGuru.com, where he merges his encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock & roll with tips for living the life of your dreams…and he does it all with abundant humor and fun.

His newest book is titled DREAMtweet: Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru.

Joe is the author of several other books, some of which have actually been published, including:

The Rock and Roll Guide to Customer Loyaltyhttp://rockandrollguru.com/books/the-dentist-rock-and-roll-guide-to-patient-loyalty/

The Rock and Roll Guide to Patient Loyaltyhttp://rockandrollguru.com/books/the-dentist-rock-and-roll-guide-to-patient-loyalty/

The DENTIST’S Rock and Roll Guide to Patient Loyalty

The Rock and Roll Dictionary (currently writing)

Joe is also an entertaining speaker known for his uniquely humorous style and approach to living our dreams. He believes that in addition to being a groovy musical genre, rock & roll is a way of life that has served as his constant companion and inspiration. He has lived numerous dreams, including a stint as the youngest collegiate head basketball coach in the country…who never played the game.

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