Alive, Aligned And Freaking Fabulous!!

What makes you feel more like YOU?

Is it…..

SKIPPING down a country lane during a sun shower?

Dying your hair the most beautiful shades of PURPLE and pink?

Wearing GLITTER everyday?

LAUGHING with friends?

Making salted caramel  CUPCAKES? (Eating salted caramel cupcakes!!!!)

SPEAKING about love, up on a stage, in front of a roomful of people?

Letting the WORDS FLY from your fingers at a cafe with your laptop?

DANCING your prayers to techno music?

Then DO. IT!

As often as possible. Even MORE often than that.

On PURPOSE, for no other reason than that you like it.

Find pleasure in being yourself!! INDULGE in it.

It is your birthright to ENJOY being you.


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