Amazing Things

I had a blast at the Awesome Women’s Hub Re-Think Tank this past weekend!

What did 40 Awesome Women talk about for a whole weekend?

Contrary to what you may believe- it wasn’t men.

We talked about living from your essence and all the amazing things you might do if you lived from this place.

We also answered questions like – “What is possible when we tap into our essence, and the essence in others–are there new ways to do things?”  and “What would it be like if we could all soar and live from our joy? “.

It was so fun to imagine a world where everyone was flying their freak flag and sharing their gifts.  You know how excited I get talking about this stuff! I was in my element.

We finished the weekend off by making a video about doing amazing things in the world and nearly got arrested in the process. We were such rabble rousers! I can’t wait to see how the video comes out!  Don’t worry; I’ll share it with you as soon as I get it.

The thing that really struck me about this event was how we defied the box by choosing to focus on all the possibilities rather than all the barriers to living from your essence. Typically these conversations focus on all the reasons why you can’t live from your essence and fly your freak flag, and how the world needs to change and what needs to be fixed. It’s very unproductive and it just feeds energy to the problems. What you focus on expands, so if you’re talking about problems and what needs to be fixed you get more of that.

It’s amazing what can happen when you simply change the conversation to all that is possible. It creates some mighty fine juicy energy to be shifting realties from. I’ll take more of that any day, but that’s just me.

Let’s go back to the idea of living from your essence and doing amazing things.

My essence is to fly my freak flag. I can’t help but be me- in my full freaky glory- and I love to encourage other people to live from this place too. It’s my thing!

So I’m hanging out  making my excessively large, neon yellow, Fly Your Freak Flag sign and something really cool happened-One of the event facilitators came up to me to say she hoped that she wasn’t freaking me out by staring at me…she couldn’t help herself.

She said there was something about me, it could be my blue and purple hair, but she thought it was more of a radiant energy that came off of me. It was my essence shining so brightly it was hard not to notice me. It was clear to her that I fully embodied what I talked about.  I stood out and she wanted some of what I had. I inspired her to think about how she could fly her freak flag more in her biz. It was pretty amazing!

But it didn’t stop there. It seems like I was inspiring all kinds of people young and old to think about ways that they can fly their freak flag too.

Can I tell you how awesome that was?!?

Simply by showing up in my essence, I was inspiring other people to do the same.

How cool is that?

What do you think would be possible if you showed up in your essence and flew your freak flag in your biz?

What kind of amazing things would you do?

I’d love to read what you’re coming up with in the comments below.

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