Amplification Friday……bring on the Juicy Goodness.

energy wave
The most powerful way to create change and to bring more JUICY GOODNESS into your life is to practice appreciation.

When you appreciate anything, you are sending a strong signal to the Universe saying:I want more of this please.

Appreciation is a simple thing, but it tends to get lost in our busy day…or gets pushed out the way by a tendency to focus on what we do not like and what is not working.

So, I have created Amplification Friday to encourage you to take a moment out of your day and think about all the yummy, sweet moments from your week.

Where did things feel good to you in your job, relationship, or creatively? IT can be something simple…like a beautiful tree you saw out your window, or a brief moment with someone on the street. Or you can talk about a great success that you had…or a personal breakthrough.

Once you identify the things you are appreciating, take few moments to really bask in the good feelings that they bring. By doing this you are amplifying the energy of them and sending a strong signal out into the Universe say “more of this Please!”

Writing them down for the world to see adds a bit of extra power to them. ( and it is also fun for everyone to see what other folks are writing…creates a big swirl of juicy goodness for everyone.)

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