Amplifying, Alignment and Appreciations

This has been a week for lessons and growth.

I’m all for lessons and growth…matter of fact I welcome it with open arms and always appreciate it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not challenging.

Lessons feel like crap!!  Actually, I take that back. I think it’s more appropriate to say that SOME lessons feel like crap. I have certainly had my share of sweet and delightful lessons that cracked me open and left me feeling more aware of my own brilliance.

This week’s lessons were a bit rougher than that, and had me wondering “what the fuck?” a few times over. On the grand scale of things they were minor events, but in each instance I had a big moment of awareness that I am grateful for. Matter of fact, I appreciate them so much I’m going to make them the focus of my Amplification Friday basking.

This is what I’m appreciating and wanting more of this week:

That feeling of discord I get that lets me know when something is out of alignment. It’s totally cool that I’m becoming so much more sensitive to it and only need a gentle nudge to tune me in that something is off rather than a big dramatic slap in the face.

Lessons, gently delivered in the form of kind caring people. It is awesome to have people in my life who care enough about me and what I’m doing that they take the time to share what they feel. It feels very sweet to be held in such a way. Being seen is awesome-even if I’m not really showing up the way I want to be. It is all good!

Source energy!! It’s constantly supporting and guiding me in my expansion. I know that every lesson is exactly what I need to move forward. It rocks to be able to experience more of who I am, and embrace and acknowledge the different aspects of me.

I’m also appreciating the opportunity to notice how my energy was around the problems and issues that came up the past few days. I got to notice when my energy was sliding into victim mode, rather than taking full ownership of what was happening. Standing firm in a place of being 100% responsible for my outcome kicks ass!

I’d love to hear about what lessons you are appreciating from your week!

Take a minute and share some in the comments below.

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