Amplifying, Basking, and Bouncing Around

Hey there freaky people!

I have been deep in creative space this week with my head down working on a new project that I will be rolling out in September. My days have been flying by and my cats are feeling a bit neglected-they are so spoiled by my working at home and I haven’t been indulging them in all the belly rubs and play sessions that I ussually do- but it’s all good!

All I can say is that this new offering is going to ROCK!

I’m feeling really great about the way it’s all coming together. It feels right and my energy has been consistently expanding as I get farther into it-which is an awesome sign that I’m onto something big.  I know that it’s going to help lots of non-conforming souls figure out what will make their lives Kick-Ass, and that’s all I’m going to say about it right now.

I do have it together enough to know that today is Friday, and that means it is time to play Amplification Friday!

Join me in taking a few minutes to think about all the things that you’re appreciating from your week and to bask in the juicy good feeling of it. Then take a minute to share about it down in the comments.

I’m appreciating the amazing weather that we have been having here in Boston this week. The days have been so sunny and warm and the nights are perfect for sleeping. Working from my back deck rocks!

I appreciate my creativity flowing through me and out into the world.

I’m appreciating all the amazing fun people in my life. I’m lucky to have a wide variety of friends who are all so different, and bring something unique to my life. This week I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with so many of them! It fills my heart and feeds my soul.

I appreciate the abundance and prosperity in my life. The Universe does an amazing job at providing me with exactly what I need. I appreciate myself for knowing what I’m worth and investing in my continued expansion.

Your turn! What are appreciating in your life this week?



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