Any time is a good time to Amplify!

I know…I’m a day late with this. It’s OK. Any time is a good time to Amplify and bask in the juicy goodness of what you’re digging in your life. Hell, I’m a strong advocate for doing it every day so you are constantly sending the vibration of what you want more of out into the Universe.

So let’s get to it…….

I’m totally stoked about the latest free call I’ve put together called- How Flying Your Freak Flag Builds Trust ! This call is going to address the fear that flying your freak flag in your biz will make people doubt you and think you’re weird, or offend them, so they won’t want to buy from you.  I’m bringing in Kristen Beiries- The Trust Marketing Expert – and I’m going to pick her brain about exactly how you can build wonderful, trusting, I –can’t-wait-to-buy-what –you-have-to-offer- kind of relationship with your people by fully showing up, doing your own thing, and being real. This call is going to rock…join us if you can.

I’m appreciating the amazing women who are in the Morning  Whip with me. Erika is a fearless leader and she has attracted some cool ladies. I appreciate their reflection, what they are creating, and how they share themselves. I also appreciate the way this group has stimulated my brain and helped me distill down my desire for my coaching biz. It is a kick-ass environment for the expansion I’m going through right now.

I appreciate being home for a while! I’ve been off on so many amazing weekend adventures lately for work and play that I’m really appreciating my beautiful home and having some space to settle in and relax for the next few months.

I’m crazy for holiday decorations!  This year I’m really enjoying decorating my house and getting creative. I’m doing my best not to go overboard! LOL!

What are you appreciating right now? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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