Appreciating my Appreciations

I love Amplification Friday!

It feels so good to take a few minutes and to sit and reflect on all the awesomeness of my week and to bask in the juicy good feelings that come with it.

I admit that I sometimes need the reminder to do it because I get so caught up in my ever expanding journey, and what I still want to create, that I forget to appreciate all that is already Kick-Ass in my life.

Does that happen to you too?

Here are a few of my appreciations for the week.

I appreciate this amazing city that I live in. Boston rocks! It is beautiful, and full of awesome things to do.

I appreciate warm sunny days and sitting out on my back porch working. It’s awesome to have the freedom to do that!

Chihuly- The Boat

I appreciate the opportunity to see the Chihuly exhibit for free at the MFA. It was so beautiful to see the way he manipulates glass beyond what anyone else has done, and incorporates natural themes into his work. My sweetie and I had a blast. We were in divine timing and seemed to show up at the right places at the right time to avoid getting caught up in the ridiculously long lines to get into the museum and the exhibit. It was wonderful.

I appreciate the helpful people that I work with and all the support I’m given as I put together my next offering which will be focused on helping you break free from your pre-packaged life to discover your purpose and what you need to thrive. I’m really excited about this new project and the way it is unfolding. It feels amazing to have such clarity and a plan of action to roll it all out.It feels wonderful to be supported in this work and to gift myself with the help that I need to get it done.

I think I’ll stop here.

What are you appreciating from your week?  Please share in the comments  below.


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