Appreciations a’La Photo’s

A pictures worth a thousand words……and that is how I’m going to Rock out Amplification Friday share my appreciations today!


I appreciate my awesome kitties! They are the best office mates and are full of love. It’s awesome how they lay on the radiator and bask in the heat!


I appreciate my wonderful nieces! They are so fun to hang out with. They certainly know how to fly their freak flags!


I’m delighted by Greymalkin….Mal for short! I think it is easy to see why!



I’m in great appreciation for my newest mermaid-a gift from my dear friend Danielle!


The Freak Flag that my awesome VA , Jen Puckett made me is rocking my world!




Finally, I got to give some big love to my amazing loverman



 I’d love to see or read about what you are appreciating this week in the comments down below!


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