Are Pre-Packaged Beliefs Standing in the Way of Your Happiness?

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, and miserable, and you just can’t see anyway out of it?

This is the problem that has brought many of my clients to me. They are feeling stuck in an uncomfortable situation and they just can’t see their way out. They want help escaping the rut and creating a life that feels good to them. The first place we start is by looking for the pre-packaged beliefs that are keeping them stuck.

What’s a Pre-Packaged Belief?

A pre-packaged belief is a story that you tell yourself about how the word works, or what is possible. These stories might be handed down to you by your family, or the people around you, or even the media. It is usually something you have heard over and over and you believe it to be true. The thing is, these stories are not necessarily true…especially for you.

Trying to live by these pre-package beliefs causes discomfort, is extremely challenging, and ultimately it doesn’t  work for you. The end result is that you feel like there is something wrong with you because you can’t make it work, and you feel trapped in a situation that is totally not working for you.

Here’s and Example

I used to work with sincere, intelligent, magical guy who had just turned 30. He came to me because he was struggling in his job as a warehouse manager. He was stressed out and overwhelmed most of the time. He wanted help finding a way to make it bearable.

We soon uncovered the issue. He was really a musician at heart. Playing music put him into the bliss zone and made him come alive. He went to The Berkley School of  Music and even toured with a band. But he left the music life because he wanted to get serious and settle down. It was interesting to discover that  he had bought into the story that you could not make enough money to survive as a musician!

His father had drilled it into his head that he needed a secure job with a steady income in order to get ahead and survive. So, that is what he did. He left making music for his spare time, and got a decent paying, secure job.

The problem with this is that his “secure job” left him feeling depleted and depressed and he did not have the energy to make music. He began to doubt himself and started to feel like there was something wrong with him for not being happy and satisfied in his good, secure job as a warehouse manager.

Let’s Switch this Story Around!

I asked him to re-write his story about making money as a musician.

What if you could make enough money to THRIVE  as a musician? What would that look like?

As he began to explore what this might look like, he began to become aware of a number of different possibilities around how this might work. I gave him some homework that allowed him to connect with this energy on a deeper level, and I taught him some tricks to use to help him stay connected to his new story of being a successful musician.

Next thing you know he had a plan. He decided to move to Atlanta and tap into the music scene there. I just heard from him the other day. After being in Atlanta for 4 months, he has lined up enough work as a professional musician to pay the bills and then some. He is living his dream and making money too. He has tapped into his ever abundant flow and life feels great!

I can help you tap into your ever abundant flow too! Check out my services page to see how we can work together to do this.

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