Are You A Victim or Are You In Charge?

I’m going to start this post with a question, and how you answer will determine if you will be able to effectively leverage the Law of Attraction to create the Kick-Ass Life you desire.

Are you in charge of your life or are you someone who life happens too?

 If you answered -”Hell Yes! I am in charge of my life” you are embracing your power as a mighty creator and ruler.

If you hem-and-haw about things happening to you, there is some work to be done before you can rule your world.

In order to truly leverage the LOA, you need to practice radical responsibility, own that you are the source of your experience and make the commitment to feel good in all aspects of your life.

Personal responsibility means taking 100% responsibility for your feelings and outcomes. It also means looking to yourself first to see where your energy is resonating with what is going on around you. Remember, like energy attracts like energy and your reality always reflects what you are resonating with.

So…does this mean it’s your fault when things go wrong or bad stuff happens. NO! It’s nobodies fault. It’s just information about where your energy is at and it’s an opportunity to get some clarity about what you really want.

Let’s talk about blame for a minute…..

It’s easy to cast blame…we are conditioned to do it. We blame McDonalds for serving hot coffee, our partners for doing things that upset us, boss for stressing you out, government for screwing things up.

It’s much easier to cast blame on those around you than to look inside and take responsibility for how you feel.

Think about it. How often do you find yourself thinking, if only (insert family, partner, money, job) would do this/be like this, then I would be happy.

We make other people responsible for our feelings and happiness, when the truth is the only one responsible for how you feel is YOU.

In every moment you get to choose where you focus your attention, the story you tell about your life and how you choose to feel about it. I suggest making the commitment to focus on feeling good. When you engage in blame, you give your power away. You cast yourself as someone that things happen too, not the ruler of your world.

Blaming also feeds energy to what you don’t want and feels pretty crappy. Blaming casts you as the victim and focuses your energy on what you don’t want (something crappy happening). Is that what you want more of?

Saying that it’s your fault when things go wrong is the same as casting blame. You’re blaming yourself. How does that feel? Pretty crappy.

 You know what else feels crappy? Complaining and being critical. Both focus on what you do not like and feeds energy to what you don’t want.

You know who we do this too the most? Ourselves!

How often do you make yourself wrong, blame yourself for fucking something up, criticize, complain and generally bully yourself? How does that make you feel? It feels shitty!

One thing 10 years of studying the LOA has taught me is- The most important thing you can do is love yourself. All.Of.You. Stop thinking about yourself in ways that feel bad.

Every time you judge, criticize, or mentally beat yourself up – it feels crappy. You’re dimming your own light and amplifying the energy of what you don’t want. This is why the LOA does not make it your fault when something bad happens- there is no place for fault when you are radically responsible for your feelings. Your outcomes are information about what you are resonating with. You can easily use this information to shift your focus and energy.


I invite you to take a good look around you to see what you are resonating with right now. Do you like what you see?


If not, it’s time to do some work around shifting your focus towards what you do want.


All the stuff you love; appreciate it and amplify the energy of it!


My next post will dive a bit farther into the most important thing you can do: Love.Yourself.Up.


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