Are You Afraid to Fly Your Freak Flag in Your Biz?

Does the idea of flying your freak flag in your biz sound scary?

On one hand it’s wildly appealing BUT you don’t see how it will actually make you money!

People might think you’re weird, or unprofessional if you don’t do things the way everyone else does.

Or even worse, you might offend someone if you say what you really want to say! Then they will never buy from you.

It’s better to follow the established rules and blueprints for running your business, creating offerings and writing copy.

The gurus know best! They have made millions of dollars following these rules so you might as well do the same thing……….even if it feels hard and half that stuff you don’t want to do.

This is how I felt for a long time too. Even though I talk all about flying your freak flag and breaking free from your pre-packaged life, I was tangled up in a pre-packaged biz.

I totally understand how I got there. Running a biz is something that was unfamiliar to me and is my livelihood…..which means I wanted to make MONEY.

I wanted to have a successful business and make lots of money so I sought out the advice of people who already had successful businesses. They know best right

I can’t tell you how much money I spent– at least $10,000 over the past 5 years trying to learn how to write copy, create products and programs that sell, attract the perfect customers, and market my biz.

Some of it worked, but most of it didn’t. I ended up feeling like something was wrong with me because I wasn’t a successful as I knew I could be. I have a great message and I’m and awesome coach…people LOVE my stuff…but they weren’t signing up for my programs as much as I wanted. I felt like a failure and thought there was something wrong with what I was offering and me.

Then thankfully a friend called me out and said…”I love your stuff but your marketing and copy comes across as forced. It sounds like you are dressing up in somebody else’s cloths and I instantly tune it out. “

I was so happy that she said that because it felt forced and off to me too. I would struggle to write emails and sales pages. I was trying to do it the ‘right” way I had been taught and it felt way off to me and it came across that way too.

When I got honest with myself I realized that a lot of my biz was set up according to someone else’s ideas around how it should be. I took other people’s advice around what to offer and how often to send emails and write blog post. I struggled to say just the right thing. But it was coming across as hyped-up and fake and people didn’t trust me enough to buy from me.

My following the blueprint and doing things the “right way” totally backfired!

Then I got real and took my OWN ADVICE and decided to run my biz my way. I started flying my freak flag and things started to change quickly. I got a few new clients and some new opportunities to speak showed up. And the best part was that my biz started to feel very Kick-Ass to me.

Flying your freak flag in your biz makes people trust you MORE and want to buy what you are offering because they can relate to you better. When you fly your freak flag you allow people to see the real you! The energy is cleaner and you easily attract you right people right to your front door bank cards in hand.

If you want to learn more about doing this yourself- I invite you to join me for this free call-

How Flying Your Freak Flag Builds Trust happening Dec 15th.

I invited the Trust Marketing Expert- Kristen Beiries to join me on the call.  She‘s an expert at helping personal transformation professionals find their authentic voice and rid themselves of marketing overwhelm. She has some really cool ideas to share about how to build trust and create a large base of raving fans who can’t wait to buy what you have to offer simply by being YOU and showing up in your full freaky glory.

You can sign up for the call here-





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