Are You Caught Up in the Frenzy?

It’s Black Friday- The day after Thanksgiving – and the media has been doing its best to whip us up into a frenzy of shopping activity for the Christmas holiday.

Did it work?

Were you standing in line at 3 AM to get a super deal on a new laptop or remote control car?

One of my brother’s neighbors was off to stand in line at Target at 9 PM so she wouldn’t miss the door-buster sales happening at midnight. She cooked all day to make dinner for her large family, and then was off to go shopping.

Whatever happened to spending Thanksgiving relaxing and enjoying our families, and appreciating all the juicy goodness in our lives

I didn’t get caught up in the shopping frenzy. Instead I chillaxed with my family outside by the fire pit, and then watched Elf with my nieces. Today we are off to the Philadelphia Zoo and to wander around town for a bit. I wouldn’t give up this time with my nieces for anything! I don’t get to see them enough as it is!

I have an idea!

Instead of getting caught up in a frenzy of shopping- let’s get caught up in a Frenzy of Appreciation!!!

It will pay off in a much bigger way! The more you appreciate in your life, the more you amplify the energy of what you want more of. Doing this sends a mighty strong signal out to the Universe saying- MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!

Let’s go!!! I’m appreciating-

Time with my family!! It’s great to get together with my brothers, sister-in-laws and nieces for a very relaxed holiday. As we have gotten older we have settled into a great family dynamic and really enjoy each other’s company.

Getting flowers for no reason except to make me smile! My sweet boyfriend sent me a surprise bouquet of roses this week. They are so lovely and really made my day! I love that he is thoughtful like that. He is a keeper for sure!

New clients!!! I love the work that I do and the cool people that I get to help. It’s so fun to support someone as they own who they are and unfurl their freak flag. I love the ongoing conversation and shining the light of awareness onto the stories and beliefs that keep you from wholly being who you are.

This crazy warm weather! It was wonderful to eat Thanksgiving dinner outside and then sit around a fire laughing and enjoying good company. The warm sunshine is good!!

What are you appreciating from this week?

Share it in the comments below.

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