Are You Making This Same Mistake?

When I was approaching my 40th birthday, I had an big, brilliant moment of clarity – I’ve always been awesome at creating what I desire, but not so good at appreciating and enjoying it. I was always working really hard and reaching for the next thing, but I was never satisfied or felt like I had succeeded.


The reality was that at that moment in my life, I had everything I ever wanted. A beautiful condo, sweet relationship, plenty of money rolling in, kick-ass community of amazing friends and lots of opportunities. But I couldn’t see it because I was always looking ahead of myself.


I didn’t take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all I had created. I didn’t celebrate my success. Matter of fact, I was too busy finding fault with what I had, to enjoy it. I didn’t want what I had.


Do you do this too?


I realized that I was making a big mistake. My dissatisfaction fueled more dissatisfaction. I would be better served by appreciating what I had already created for myself. Basking in the awesomeness that was my life. Celebrating that all my effort and hard work had paid off.


From and energetic perspective, if my focus was on what was not there yet, I was feeding the lack energy. If my focus was on what is not working, I’m amplifying the energy of dissatisfaction and calling more of it to me. I was totally working against myself.


If I celebrated and loved up my life and appreciated my ability to have what I want, then I’d be amplifying that energy and sending out a strong signal asking for more of this please. More celebrating. More appreciation. More having what I want and loving up my life.


I decided to make my 40th birthday party a celebration of what I had created for myself.


Let me tell you, that party was epic! Seriously! Fifty of my closest friends celebrated with me, in a beautifully decorated space. There was a powerful ritual and space for everyone to share their favorite thing or memory about me. We danced, sang, laughed and played all night long. People still talk about that party.


66be652c-c21e-4cff-b482-30033c5b3b1cI got a constant reminder to celebrate and appreciate my hard work tattooed on my shoulder that same year in an amazing tattoo ritual.


Celebrating and appreciating is part of my journaling practice and the work I do with my clients. It makes it really easy to see all the progress that you’re making and to feel good about your process.


What’s your relationship to celebrating and appreciation?


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