Are You Shutting Down Your Desire?

You get to want what you want without having to explain, justify or convince anyone that you deserve it.

Can you feel the freedom and expansion in that? It’s like a big sigh of relief.

But do you really believe it?

The other day on Facebook I asked people what they wanted and I got a variety of fun answers: to be healthy, golden paints, a boyfriend! But then when I dug a bit deeper and invited them to share what they would do once they had what they wanted and they got stuck.

Their answers illustrated all the conditions they were putting on having what they wanted.

The beautiful sister seeking healing had to work her way towards believing that she could be healed. She needed to see evidence before she could picture it.

gollum_20100219_aatheory1-1The creative soul who wanted the golden paints said she had no idea what she would paint and would probably horde them away and rarely use them because they were expensive and she didn’t know when she would be able to get more. This kind of grasping and holding on to …like it’s the precious…is so lack based and energetically constricting.

Your desire is expansive! It comes from the part of you that is tapped into All That Is…the Universe….Source Energy…your Soul….God (whatever you call it).

It’s there to help you more fully expand into yourself. So approaching it from a place of lack or disbelief is one of the fastest ways to shut it down.

Imagine yourself having what you want and enjoying it. Don’t put limits or conditions on it.

Don’t worry about HOW it’s going to get there. Simply give yourself permission to have it and enjoy it, then picture yourself doing just that.

Playing with your desire gives form to your thoughts and begins to anchor it into your reality. When you picture yourself using something, you bring it out of your head and into the material world.

The more you play with it and picture yourself having it and using it, on a day to day basis, the more you amplify the energy of, give life to it and create space for the How to unfold.

What do you want?

What will you do with it?

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