Are you the Historian or the Screen Play Writer for your Life?

When you think and talk about your life, do you tell the story of what has been, or do you tell the story of what you want to create and experience?

If you are the historian of your life, you look at your life and tell the story of what has been, and all the things that have happened that have resulted in you being where you are now. Maybe you tell this story to justify where you are at now, and explain how you ended up stuck or struggling. I have a friend who is a fantastic historian. He tells the story of his bad marriage, his wife walking out and leaving him with their young daughter, being a single dad, and working in a dying industry. He feels anxiety about where his life is going and what is going to happen next. He referrers to this story often when he talks about his life.
And you know what, he continuously gets to experience more disappointment, conflict and struggle. The more he stays connected to his story, the more he lives it out.

You see when you are a historian of your life, you are continually amplifying the energy of your past.As you examine these painful places, and you focus your attention there, and you tell the story, you are amplifying that energy and asking the Universe for more of that.

Now, when you are the screen play writer for your life, you tell the story of what you want to experience. You create scenarios that describe how you want to feel and who you desire to be. You tell the story of the wonderful fulfilling job that you enjoy and are get paid big money to do. You tell the story of the satisfying relationships that you thrive in. As the screen play writer, you create the life that you want and that will feel good to you. the more you focus your attention on this story, the more you amplify the energy of what you want. You ask the Universe to give you some of that.

What ever you focus on and give energy to is what you create in your life. I say, focus on what you want and leave the rest behind!

So what are you? A historian or a screen play writer?

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