Basking in this Energy Feels Good!

It’s Amplification Friday so that means it’s time to do a bit of  celebrating and appreciating all the juicy goodness from your week.

I love doing this! It is a great way to wind up my week and start my weekend of right!

This week I’m celebrating what feels like a giant shift in my being. I worked through some tough stuff around finding my voice and my flow in my coaching biz. This was something that had my energy feeling really bound up and constricted, and once it shifted I had an enourmous opening and my creative energy has been flowing like crazy!!

I appreciate the clarity that I’m experiencing and the flow of words that comes with it. Choices and decisions are so easy when I’m standing in this place, and my path is obvious.

I’m celebrating the awesomeness that is my sweet loverman.  He is wise, kind and sweet, and seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear in order to shift back into a place of excitement and enthusiasm. He is all kinds of awesome and I’m thankful to have him in my life.

I am so very appreciative for the help and support of the amazing VA’s that I now have helping me create offerings and make my coaching biz more awesome. It feels wonderful to be supported by helpful, talented women who actually like to do the stuff I hate.

Yummy, Yummy!!!!  Basking in this energy feels good!

Come on in and celebrate with me. Share what you are appreciating in the comments below!

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