Because It Works Fast!

Want to know the fastest way to make your life even more kick-ass than it is right now?

Decide how you want to feel.

(Pssttt….you want to feel good)

Why am I such a strong advocate for choosing to feel good?

Because it works…fast!

You’re life will get better every day. It will feel better. More kick-ass!

So tell me, how do you want to feel in your life?

I like to use feeling good as a overall goal, and then I often break things down to more specific “good” feelings that I want to focus on bringing more of in. Right now I’m focused on feeling more engaged, inspired and turned on in all aspects of my life.

I look for things that make me feel that way, and I hold every new opportunity and choice up to see if it is in alignment with these feelings.

Doing so assures that I will actually get what I want (To feel engaged, inspired and turned on).

This process is super simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You need to give yourself permission to feel what you want to feel without questioning the “right” or “wrong” of  it, and want what you want without having to do something to earn or deserve it. (My free call series will help you with this)

It’s easy to question whether or not feeling turned on is appropriate for business, or if it’s not too self indulgent and frivolous. As soon as you begin to judge yourself you are moving away from feeling good and into feeling shitty. Who wants that?

Check out this list of good feelings and pick three that you want to focus on bringing more of into your life right now. (Or add your own if that’s how you roll.)

Then every morning ask yourself what you can do to invite more of these feelings into your life.

See what happens!

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