Can Being Awesome Make You Sick?

I’ve been noticing an interesting pattern happening these past few months ….many of the powerful women that I know who are beginning to put their BIG things out the world are getting sick. Not cancer sick but more colds, flu, sore throats; all those annoying short term illnesses that force you to take some down time and totally fuck up your creative flow.

Because of this, they are having a hard time staying on track and achieving their goals in the time frame they want to.  They lose momentum; get impatient and frustrated that things aren’t going as planned.

I’ve been dealing with my fair share of it too. Have you?

What does this have to do with anything besides the fact that it is cold and flu season?

I think it’s directly related to the process of expanding into your big, bright, shiny self and the resistance that we have towards doing it.

Back in 2002-2003 I was part of a women’s mystery school and leadership program called the Priestess Path Apprenticeship. I was doing a lot of spiritual work at the time as well as going through my coach training program. I was constantly examining my beliefs and looking at my stuff. Every time I’d have a big awareness and opening, I’d get sick. I’d end up in bed, feeling crappy for a few days, while I processed everything I’d discovered about myself.

Big internal shifts shake us up energetically and our bodies often get sick in the process of letting go and releasing the old stuck energy. The way I look at it, the old limiting beliefs are toxic to our souls (That’s why the make us feel so bad) and once they are brought into awareness and released we need to purge ourselves of the toxic energy on a physical level (our bodies) as well as spiritual. Holding onto or ignoring these toxic beliefs can also cause sickness of the chronic and more serious kind (Louise Hayes does some amazing work around this).

I also have experienced getting sick as a form of resistance to my breaking out of my old “status-quo” patterns and becoming bigger and brighter than before. We each have a familiar set point that we are used to existing at. Anything that challenges it and shakes things up is met with a certain amount of resistance- self- doubt, fear, excuses, or it just plain feels awkward and weird. Half our journey is learning how to deal with this resistance so we can move forward.

What does all this mean?

Over the past 6 months, there have been a lot of big energetic shifts happening on the planet and I believe that we are all being called to expand into our greatness. Have you felt this too?

I’ve loved seeing so many of my soul sisters answering this call by stepping into their power and activating their big dreams.

When you’re committing to change on a soul level- embracing your power and dreams- coming into alignment with who you are; it can take your body a while to catch up with your expansion.

I’m seeing many of my powerful women friends who are up to BIG things going through lots of cycles of getting sick as they are expanding into their greatness.

I feel it’s our bodies trying to learn how to interface with the much bigger beings we are becoming. We are clearing out the old stagnate energy that was keeping us playing small so we can expand into  the big brilliant beings we are here to be.

So….how do you deal with it?

You give yourself lots of love and self-care. Slow down, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat healthy food, exercise and allow yourself the downtime you need to let your expansion settle in.

Most importantly-don’t judge yourself and get caught up in feeling bad because you’re not getting everything done. Stop pushing so hard. I know that you’re eager to share your work and get the money flowing in again. You wanted it all done last week. Give yourself the time you need to allow everything to unfold before you.

It will-all in perfect timing.

Keep shining, soul sister!

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