Why Not Go Straight To Happy?

What does the word career mean to you?

How about Life’s work?

Some people hold the belief that their career should be their life’s work. Built into this is the pre-packaged belief  that you choose a career and expect to live happily ever after within one topic forever more.

Sounds kind of limiting. If I think back, my interests have grown, shifted and expanded many times over. I believe this is our essential nature, to grow and expand our desires and interests. If this is true, it would make sense that many of us go through periods of finding ourselves in jobs that no longer serve us or not being able to focus on one topic of interest for very long.

This often leads to confusion and stress, and the people around you wondering when you are going to get it together,  make a decision, and settle down. That is what you are SUPPOSED to do right?

Well, what if you decided to make your career/life’s work the pursuit of happiness? If you are going to live forever more in one topic, then it might as well be something that feels good.

What if you made it your job to align yourself with activites and events that made you feel alive, tapped in and inspired ?

Some may ask " what about making money?"

Try this idea on for size: For many of you, money = happiness and freedom. So if you are doing your job and feeling good then the money will naturally show up. That is what Law of Attraction is all about. You get more of your primary thoughts and feelings.

I suggest making a "career" out of living a happy life  and not focusing on finding a job that will produce enough income so that you can then do the things that you think will make you happy. Why not go straight to happy?

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