Claim Your Freakdom!

FreakPeople often ask me why I call myself a freak and talk about flying your freak flag high and proud.

It’s simple really, I am a freak. I’m unique and different. Rare. There’s no one else like me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m not trying to fit in and be like everyone else. I have no desire to follow the crowd (Although I don’t mind leading it every now and again).

I’d rather boldly rule my world and have the freedom to make my own choices, have my own opinions, voice and way of doing things.

I choose to make my own rules, discover what works for ME and live life my way. Embracing this truth makes me stand out and shine.

Other people may have different definitions of the word freak and that’s OK. To each his own. What matters is that I resonate with it. My friends and the people who hire me resonate with it too.

Flying your freak flag is simply an extension of owning who you are and giving yourself permission show up and be seen. It allows other people to relate to you….and to find you. It also makes it easy to weed out the people who are NOT on your team.

Claiming your Freakdom, flying your freak flag and boldly ruling your world changes everything. You are in charge and get to choose what your life will be. It’s pure freedom. It allows you to fully expand into who you are here to be, which I believe it is what each of us is here to do.

We’re all freaks! Each of us is rare and gifted and have our own ways of doing things which greatly adds to the whole human experience. Life wouldn’t be any fun if there was only one flavor.

Claim your Freakdom!!!

The more you learn to love and accept yourselves and honor what makes you different; the richer your experience and the happier you will be.



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