Control This!

Where do you focus your attention?

If you’re anything like I used to be, you spend your time focusing on all the stuff that irritates you and isn’t working for you, or complaining about things and blaming other people for making life difficult.

It’s pretty easy to slip into victim mode and blame other people and your circumstances for your life not being the way you want it to be. It’s also easy to become complaisant and settle for a life that is less than luscious because you feel powerless to change it.

For me, this way of thinking quickly led to an unsatisfying and frustrating life.

Then I started working with this really cool coach who introduced me to the Law of Attraction and the concept of being personally responsible for my life. I learned that your thoughts and where you focus your attention matters. It affects the way you feel in your life.

How you feel determines the energy that you are embodying on a day to day basis.

The energy that you embody is the same energy that you create your life with.

So, let’s say you are not feeling all that great about your current job situation. Every day you dread going to work. You hang out with your co-workers and complain about your boss, and how nothing ever changes. You meet your friends after work for drinks and you talk about how there are no good jobs out there. You can easily list off about 20 reasons why you hate your job.

The more you do this the worse your job seems. There is now way out of this until you start to shift your energy around work.

What it all comes down to is the idea that YOU are the source of your experience in life.

If you want your life to be different, it is up to you to makes some changes within yourself in order to create changes in your outer world.

If you want a life that feels good, You need focus on feeling good, so that you begin to embody that energy.

One of the biggest changes you can make is to become aware of where you are focusing your attention, and to intentionally choose to focus on the things that you like, that feel good to you,  and that you want more of.

The awesome thing about this is that where you focus your attention is one of the only things in life that you have control over!!  Your thoughts seems to have a mind of their own, but you get to choose which ones you pay attention to, and give energy to by focusing your attention on them.

Right now you may be thinking…”yhea right!” …..but with a little bit of practice and mindfulness, you will become an expert at learning to shift your focus and paying attention to the thoughts that will help you create a life you love.

The goal here is to learn to focus on all the things that feel good to you, that work for you, and that you want more of, rather than focusing on all the crap that is so not working and driving you crazy.

Practice living your life from a place of appreciation. This is the energy that brings in more of the amazing, awesome things that you want in your life!  It helps you to come into alignment with a life you love.

The Daily Yum is a great tool for doing this! You can grab a copy of it here.

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