Courage- It’s Not Just For Heroes

Everyone wants to be BRAVE!

generic_super_hero_girl_by_We want to stare down danger, stand up to the bully and do that thing that really scares us- like get up in front of a room full of people and sing.

Courage is essential to those who are truly committed to living a life they love. I’m not talking about being a hero. I’m talking about simple everyday courage; the kind that is necessary to speak one’s truth, follow your own path, and speak openly and honestly about who you are and what you are experiencing in your life.

 Real everyday courage =vulnerability!

On my journey to creating a life and business that I whole heartedly adore- courage is something I’ve had to cultivate. Being an entrepreneur is scary! Add to that my commitment to living life MY WAY- means I constantly have to travel in uncharted territory. There are all kinds of scary things there- vicious inner-demons that create all kinds of horrible stories about being cast out into the wild unknown, rejected, alone, unprotected and hungry.

It takes courage to move through these scary places, follow your instincts and live from your truth!

I think one of the most courageous things that you can do is be willing to dig down deep into your scary stories and self-doubts and take a close look at what is inside. Demons lurk in those dark hidden places and most of us have spent our whole lives avoiding them. WE tune out with TV, food, drinking, drugs, video games……anything that takes our attention away from the underlying discomfort these demons cause.

Ignoring the demons doesn’t make them go away. They get bigger, stronger and show up in the form of your inner critic. They are constantly in your head making you question yourself, ignore your truth and live according to other people’s expectations because we are afraid of ending up rejected and alone.

It’s a true act of courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to shine the light of awareness on your stories and inner-critic. To be with the pain, fear, self-doubt, and discomfort that they represent.

When you practice every day courage, and start shining the light of awareness into the dark spaces, you will begin to see your stories for what they really are- old experiences, ideas, and worn out expectations that need to be questioned and re-written to reflect who you are today and who you want to become tomorrow.

The reality is- It’s the darkness that gives your stories and demons power over you.

Shinning the light of awareness allows you to question your old beliefs and create some space between you and your inner-critic. It allows you to identify exactly what they are so you can call them out by name whenever they appear. It’s amazing how quickly you can take your power back once you are able to see these stories and your inner-critic for what they are.

I think that’s what being courageous is all about: being willing to be with your discomfort, call it out by name and choose who you want to be instead. It’s being vulnerable. Acknowledge your uncertainty and self-doubt. Feeling your way through discomfort and fear. Living your truth no matter what other people say. And being willing to dig deep into your stories and face your inner-critic head on.

Does shining the light of awareness on your stories/demons make them go away?

I don’t think so. What it does do is take their power over you away. You awareness makes it easier for you to separate yourself from them when they show up and make the choice to follow your truth. It gives you the power to choose how you want to live your life.

How do you practice every day courage? 



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