Creating From a Place of Alignment

Here’s part four of my series describing the three key components to flying your freak flag so you can AMP UP your shine factor and make more money.

In my last post I talked about taking a stand and giving people something to believe in.

Now it’s time to talk about what will make you super shiny!!

Key #3- Creating from a place of alignment.

As I’ve said before, if you want to make the big bucks, you need to stand out and be super shiny to the people who resonate with what you’re offering.

Being super shiny comes from feeling great about who you are and what your offering.

In my mind this comes down to creating from a place of ALIGNMENT and LOVING everything that you are putting out there.

What does being in alignment mean?

It means your are lined up with that part of you that knows who you are and where you’re headed. I call it your divine self; you may call it your soul, higher self, god (insert your own term here).

This part of you is constantly communicating with you through your emotions. If you feel good, you’re on the right track. If you feel bad you’re off course.

When you are in alignment you are tapped into your ever abundant and prosperous flow. When you operate from this space things magically fall into place; opportunities appear and you stand out and become super shiny – this leads to more money!

How do you come into this magical, shiny place?

By doing what feels GOOD to YOU in your business.

You offer what you are inspired to offer, in the way that feels best to you, regardless of what anyone else says. When you do this you show up in a powerful way and it makes you super shiny and attractive to the people who want that special something that only you can offer.

Create everything from a place of alignment- programs, emails, blog posts, video’s, sales pages, pricing, EVERYTHING!

Tune into your inner guidance, feel for your alignment and trust yourself.

Alignment is simple enough to follow – when you feel good, you are in alignment and super shiny.

When things feel off, forced, or fake, you’re out of alignment, and you fade back into the big beige blur.

Are you ready to become super shiny?

This is a great place to start:

1. Practice feeling for your alignment.
Being in alignment = feeling good.

2. Where are you out of alignment in your business?
For example – Where are you following a blueprint or doing what your coach says even though it feels off to you?
Where are you struggling?
If it feels forced or you’re not getting the results you want – ditch it!!

3. Tune into your inner guidance – what are you excited about offering people?
Don’t get caught up in what other people are doing. This is your business. Offer what you want to offer the way you want to offer it.
Only offer what you LOVE!

4. Think about your super powers and the most kick-ass way to share them with people.
If only booking client sessions 3 days a week feels kick-ass, you go for it.
If you enjoy working 1 on 1 with people rather than offering group programs, do it!

5. Speak and write in your own voice.
Focus on communicating in a way that feels true to you. Your fans will get it.

6. Spend time appreciating and loving up everything you are offering. This is an important step! The more time you spend loving up and appreciating what you have created, the more you amplify the energy of it. This makes it super shiny and irresistible to other people.


Are you noticing any places that you feel out of alignment in your business right now?



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