Creating Opportunity

The other day, I was speaking with a perspective client about the lack of opportunities he had. He felt like he was stuck in an uninspiring job and he did not see anything interesting coming down the line. He was bored at work, tired of the same old thing day in and day out, and was wondering how he got there. He wondered why some people were always stumbling across exciting opportunities and why he never did.

I find this to be a common problem. Some people are constantly discovering opportunities and some people do not.

Why do you think that is?

This is what I have discovered: When you are TUNED IN and focusing your attention on what you want to create and what you want more of, you attract situations that allow you to experience that energy. The thing is most people spend their time tuning OUT and/or focusing on what they do not want. This results in more of the same boring thing. If you want something different to show up in your life, you have to put some different ideas out there.

I think the second part of the whole opportunity equation is that you only see what you are open to seeing. An old client of mine went through an enormous life transformation. She had followed the plan that was laid out for her in high school. She went to college and got a “practical” degree in accounting. She obtained a job in a top company and bought a condo in the city. She became bored and uninspired quickly! She longed for a more creative life where she could truly express herself. When we began working together she knew she wanted something different but did not know what that was. She could not figure out how to transition into a more creative lifestyle without having to give everything she worked so hard for up. As we worked together, she became clearer around who she was and what inspired her. She began to look at things differently. She discovered that there were so many possibilities and opportunities available to her. When we started, she could only see as far as the Box she had created for herself. When we finished working together, she had blown that box wide open and now was available to respond to many different opportunities that she never would have considered to begin with.
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