July 17th – July 31st

This powerful practice will help you tune into your inner power, love yourself up and identify what works, as you confidently move forward with your dreams, desires and ambitions.

We all have things we want to cultivate in our lives.

Things we want to improve. Places we’re seeking clarity. Big projects we’re ready to roll out that seem a bit overwhelming. The challenge is staying clear, focused and energized so you can make steady progress. Especially, if your project is something near and dear to your heart that feels BIG and important.

It’s too easy to get distracted by everything that is not working and needs to be fixed before we can move forward.

In our culture, we’re taught we need to change who we are in order to be successful. We are trained to look at our lack….to round off our edges and to fix ourselves. We focus on what’s not working and where we are not doing enough (or being enough) to get us where we want to go. We see what’s still missing rather than what is already there.

This is a recipe for disaster! You don’t need to waste your time and energy fixing things.

The Daily Yum teaches you to do the opposite: to identify your strengths and what works for you and build your success around those things.

This is revolutionary.

You’re better served by focusing on who you are and what works for you, and cultivating the habits of leading with your strengths and noticing your progress, so you can feel powerful and confidently move forward with any endeavor you choose.

During this 2 week course, I’ll give you my basic Daily Yum process and teach you how to customize it to apply to any intention or enterprise you wish to take on.  We get started July 17th.

The Daily Yum helps you do this. It gets you grounded, centered and energized as it fuels your rise.

Whether that is….

  • Knowing yourself better.
  • Improving relationships.
  • Deepening as a parent.
  • Expanding your business.
  • Discovering what’s next in your life or career.

Anything you want to do, you can use the Daily Yum to keep you energized, focused and moving forward.

*Warning. A well known side effect of doing the Daily Yum is increased inner-peace, happiness and the confidence to take risks and bold action steps. 

Hi , I’m Leah Shapiro, Freedom Coach and Renegade Queen.

I support ambitious, status quo busting women as they build the personal skills of sovereignty and create freedom and purpose filled lives.

Skills that :
Keep you grounded and centered in who you are + Boost your personal power + Help you confidently move forward.

I have a BA in sociology; became a certified life coach via Coach U in 2004; completed a two-year women’s mystery school called the Priestess Path Apprenticeship and have coached hundreds of renegades over the last decade in getting to know themselves and building the skills to sustain their life-long personal growth and evolution.

I originally created the Daily Yum because I had a really bad habit of focusing on all the crap I hated and wasn’t working for me. It left me feeling frustrated and dis-empowered. The goal was to retrain my brain to focus on what did work and what I wanted more of so I could boost my confidence and feel good about what I was doing.

Boy did it work! After doing it for a few weeks, I felt lighter, happier and more empowered. Whenever I felt like I was losing momentum or feeling negative, the Daily Yum would put me right back on track with a big jolt of clarity and energy.

I started sharing the Daily Yum with my clients and saw just how powerful the process was. It’s now a foundational piece of the work we do together. It helps you stay grounded and centered, facing forward, and in alignment with who you are and what works for you.

It’s really great if you are feeling stuck in the muck and want a way out.

Plus, it gives you a big energetic boost that opens things up in magical ways.

The beauty of the Daily Yum is that once you have the basic process down, you can customize it to suit whatever project , or aspect of your life, you are working on….be it personal or business related.

Doing the The Daily YUM is important because it’s way too easy to….

become caught up in all the negativity and fear swirling around us at any given moment (especially on social media).
… buy into other people’s stories and ideas about who we’re supposed to be, what we’re supposed to want, and how we’re supposed to live our lives.
… think there’s a right way to do things (and it doesn’t work for you).
… lose your center and get caught up in worrying and thinking about things that aren’t working for you.

Right now, the world needs strong, determined Renegade Queens to lead the way. Doing the Daily YUM will help you stay tuned into your center and what you are here to do.

This Is What It Looks Like

July 17th – July 31 2017
(Registration closes Sunday July 16th at 5 pm EST)

  • We’ll start with a Kick Off Call to introduce the Daily Yum and get to know each other on Monday July 17 at  7 pm EST.
  • We’ll do the Daily Yum together (in our private Facebook group) for 14 days to help you anchor in the process and make it your own, and so you can  experience first hand the expansion that happens when you do this process on a regular basis.
  • You’ll receive daily emails and prompts to help you deepen your experience and customize the Daily Yum to suit your purposes.
  • A private space to share your insights, daily work, and ask questions in the form of a private Facebook group. It’s a great place to connect with each other and cheer each other on. Plus, it’s inspiring to see the Daily Yum’s that people share.
  • Wrap up call on Monday July 31 at 7 PM EST to share your experience, insights, and progress (all calls will be recorded and made available in case you have to miss one).

Of course, I will be you guide and available to answer your questions, cheer you on and help you when you are stuck.

Price for 2 week Daily Yum course: $40

(Registration closes Sunday July 16th at 5 pm EST)

The Daily Yum helps you stay focused and on course.


…become more resilient and less susceptible to other people’s opinions and pressure

…know what you want and go get it.

…find yourself making steady progress and feeling energized by the process.

Plus, you’ll learn how to customize the Daily Yum to perfectly suit any intention or enterprise you choose, and keep you clear and focused on what you want to achieve.

After two weeks of doing this practice every day you will notice a major shift in how you feel about your life (and what you are creating) and people will start asking you “what’s different about you? Did you lose weight?” because this experience will physically change you in the best of ways.

The Daily Yum….Fuel your rise with big bursts of clarity and radical energy boosts.

(Register by Sunday July 16th at 5 pm EST.)

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