Defending Your Limitations?

More often than not, I get into conversations where people are passionately defending their limitations. Going into long stories that explain why they can’t have what they want and getting mad at the mere suggestion that things could be different.

I’m always getting people riled up!

It’s my job to suggest that things can be different and that your limitations are an old story that’s got to go. I know the power of opening up to possibility and the willingness to tell a new story while standing in the unknown. That’s where it all starts.

If you want to rule your world and have what you desire, you need to stop arguing for your limitations and start telling a new story.

The reality is that most people are so attached to the stories saying they can’t have what they want, it’s nearly impossible for them to imagine anything differently.

They find comfort in the idea that they are not smart enough, important enough, rich enough. It protects them from putting themselves out there and taking a risk.

You stay in the unsatisfying relationship. Keep the sucky day job rather than going for it in your own business. Play small in your life and let your dreams slowly fade away because that feels safer than pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, taking a risk and telling a new story.

Even worse, you work up the courage to follow your dream and then you sabotage your progress by talking yourself out of your clarity and inspiration, belittling your ideas, and over analyzing and second guessing yourself into paralysis with “I don’t know…” falling from your lips. Talk about validating your belief that things aren’t going to work out for you. It’s an exhausting cycle to get caught in.


The way out of it is to face your fears head on and tell a new story. Let go of the past and step into a new reality where you get to have what you want and boldly rule your world.



Stop telling me all the reasons why your ideas won’t work and why you can’t have what you want.

Stop defending the bitches in your head that say you suck, aren’t enough and will never succeed.

Instead become an advocate for your dreams and desires. Defend your right to rule your world and have what you want. Pontificate about how awesome it is to be making your dreams come true.

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