Defy the Box needs a Logo…

Can You Create A Bad-Ass logo for Defy the Box .com ?

The winner gets $150 plus tons of free exposure.

Hey there you fine bunch of freaky creative individuals!

My name is Leah Shapiro and I am the founder of Over the past year my website and vision have grown to the point where it is ready to have a kick-ass logo to represent it. My plan is to create a Defy the Box movement and build an empire from it.

I want a cool, powerful, sassy, unique image to represent my vision. What I hope is that you – or one of your equally out-there friends – will design it for me.

What I’m looking for is a fun, freaky, hot, edgy, hip perspective. (Think alternative-minded, Burning Man, firespinning, hooping, Anime, sexy, Steam Punk, tattooed, ex-raver types with a splash of yoga and spirituality thrown in.)

So what I want to know is just 2 things:

Do YOU hold that perspective?

Can you create a logo for Defy the Box that embodies the energy of someone who has thrown traditional ideas out the window and refused to be crammed into a box by society ?
If you are interested in getting in on this contest, go here to learn more and sign up:

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