Diving into the Mermaid Realms

I see  you struggling to figure out what your kick-ass life looks like.

You’re mulling over what you’re qualified to do that won’t suck, wondering how your going to support yourself and still go to your favorite swanky restaurants a few times a month, and stressing about what your family is going to say when you tell them your making your move. Your head is going to explode if you don’t figure  something  out soon!

Want to know  why your struggling?

You’re approaching it from the wrong perspective. You’re paying way too much attention to superficial details and playing it safe so you don’t rock the boat.

Time for a reality check- Your dull stagnate life isn’t  working for you!! Stop wasting time playing it safe  to preserve it!

If you want to discover what your kick-ass life looks like you need to be bold and daring! It’s necessary to look beyond what you think you need and dive down deep into the mermaid realms to discover what your inner freak is crying out for. Tune into this and you will know what will make your life Kick-Ass.

I’ll be the first to say that this can be scary!! Poking around in the mermaid realms can stir up a lot of stuff that you really don’t feel like dealing with, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Diving down deep into the mermaid realms creates some space between you and your conditioning and pre-packaged beliefs about how you think the world works and what you think is possible.

Here the conversation is about what feeds your soul, lights your fire, and sparks your creativity. The focus is on what you need to thrive, do naturally, and revealing the gifts that only you can offer.

This is the kind of conversation that you need to be having if you want to make any kind of headway towards living your kick-ass life. The clearer you are on what your preferences are, what interests you, and what you want more of the faster it will start showing up.

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the mermaid realm join me for this free class. http://www.DefytheBox.com/your-version

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