Do You Believe?

I have a really important message for you and I want to you listen closely because it will change the way you go about doing things. (Plus make everything way more fun)


Here it is…

You don’t have to suffer through doing shit you can’t stand.

You don’t have to struggle and work really hard (unless you like to work hard).

You don’t have to figure out HOW it’s all going to happen ahead of time.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or defeated.

There’s another way to go about creating exactly what you desire, which feels good and totally works!

(I can show you how to do it.)

One thing I’ve learned  over my many years as a coach, working with all kinds of unique, creative entrepreneurs, is  that there is a certain mindset that you need to take on if you want to actually HAVE what you want.

You need to mentally step into the place of being the Ruler of your world and believing that you can have what you want.

Believing this changes everything…especially the way you go about getting it.

You have to let go of the old stories that say you aren’t enough, doing enough, that you need to make everyone else happy and you aren’t rich, smart or important enough.

Deep down inside most people think they can’t have what they want, which is pretty sad. They create a big story about why they can’t have what they want and defend it tooth and nail.  All the struggling, suffering, figuring out and overwhelm stems from this belief. It’s what makes you give up at the first sign of a problem, not put yourself out there, and think you need to do all kinds of stuff you hate to earn what you want.

You need to get clear on what your own version of this story is and re-write it so you allow yourself to have what you want.

Shift from someone who thinks they have to struggle and suffer to someone who decides what they will have and expects it to show up.

When you believe you can have what you want; you give yourself permission to have it and claim it for yourself. The simple act of deciding sets everything in motion.

When you know that it is possible to have what you want, you look for all the ways it can come to you, rather than all the reasons why you can’t have it.

When you look for all the ways something can show up you begin to see the HOW unfold before you.

It’s a natural unfolding of your desire where you are taking action that feels good to you and is moving you forward. Less struggle more fun!

What stories do you need to shift in order to believe that you can have what you want?

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