Does satisfaction stop growth?

The other day on Twitter, some dude sent this tweet out: Are you satisfied with your life? Satisfaction stops growth.

It made me stop and think…does satisfaction stop growth?

I think that feeling satisfied with your life is a good thing. It allows you to be in a place of appreciation for what you have and it gets those juicy, good feelings flowing. I think that satisfaction leads more peace and happiness.

What do you think?

In my experience; being un-satisfied sucks and leads to lots of frustration, stress, and un-happiness. I went through a big part of my life feeling un-satisfied. My job was never good enough, my relationships weren’t making me happy, and I was never satisfied by what I accomplished. I was always reaching for something more, or different, thinking that if I just got that “thing’ I would be happy.

You know what?  I was rarely happy!  I was never satisfied and nothing was ever enough. I was always chasing after something more. It was exhausting!

This all shifted when I learned how to appreciate the things I had in my life, and recognize all of my accomplishments. Then I was able to be satisfied with what I had created for myself. Being satisfied felt good. It meant I could sit back and relax and enjoy my life. I was much happier and more peaceful.

Did being satisfied with my life make me sit stagnant? Hell no!  It rocketed me forward.

Being happy, and more relaxed allowed me to focus on the thing things that felt good to me. Rather than spending my time focused on my sucky job and how dissatisfied with I was, I enjoyed my life and tried new things that interested me. I had more energy to socialize and have fun. I had more confidence in my ability to manifest what I wanted. Life got really juicy and fun.

What’s your experience with this? Do you think that being satisfied with your life helps or hinders your growth?

Share your perspective in the comments down below

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