Embracing Your Freakiness and Making Money Too

Here is an awesome guest post from one of the co-founder’s of the Freak Revolution.They are experts at embracing what makes them different, creating connections, and living a life that totally rocks!

I hope that you enjoy it.

I’m Kyeli, and I am a freak.

I’m gay, I’m a witch, I’m polyamorous, I’m fat, I’m covered in
tattoos, I’m a geek, I unschool my son, I have piercings, I’m a
writer, and I’m an entrepreneur.  Oh!  And I’m leading a revolution.

I’ve been persecuted for each flavor and for all flavors of my
freakitude.  I’ve lost friends and family.  I spent over a decade
hiding in the closet, trying desperately to appear normal, to be
something I’m not – to be many things I’m not.  But in the end, the
lying and the self-deception proved too much for me, and I burst out
of all those closets and ran wild.

Figuratively.  I’m not much of a literal runner.

Bursting out of all those closets was actually a very slow, gradual
process.  I had to do a lot of self-work and discovery before I could
even crack the door, let alone start being open and loud about it.
But slowly, gradually, I got more and more secure in myself which
allowed me to get more and more secure in being out.

Now I’m out all over the place.  My labels are all loudly proclaimed
in all my online profiles.  I quit my desk job that was eating my soul
and started my own business with my lovely wife and cohort, Pace.
(She’s even more freaky than me!)

How do we make any money, being so freaky?

We’re open.  We’re honest.  We reach out to people and make
connections.  We make time for people.  We talk about our lives and
our journeys.  And we focus on other freaky people.

If you’re freaky – even if you’re just a little freaky – you don’t
want someone who won’t understand you helping you.  We can’t connect
with people we have nothing in common with, no matter our intentions.
So we open ourselves up and reach out to others like us, in some way
or another, so we can connect and help and make a living doing what we

But I think the biggest secret is the most simple thing:  we really care.

We really care about people.

We really care about helping.

We really care about connection, about self-growth, about making the
world a better and more loving place.

When you pour your heart into your work, people notice.  When you fly
your freak flag, your right people will turn up – and your wrong
people will turn away.  Stepping fully into yourself is the surest way
to success, no matter your path.


Kyeli is the co-leader of the Freak Revolution (alongside her
wife, Pace), a community of passionate world-changers with alternative
lifestyles and more importantly, alternative mindsets. The two of them
are passionate about changing the world in ways that foster connection
over control, authenticity over conformity, and love over fear.  They

have just released 52 Weeks to Awesome, a 52-week long course with one easy-to-implement mission
per week to help you be even more awesome!

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