Facing The Unknown

What an interesting place we are standing in right now. Everything seems a bit uncertain. The economy is out of whack, people are nervous about their future, and the upcoming election leaves many things up in the air. It is obvious that change is coming, hell, it is already here, but there is still a big sense of standing before the unknown.

I know that for many of you, this is a scary place. You have done everything you are supposed to do to avoid this place! This is not part of the plan! You feel powerless and unsure of what to do next.

From my perspective, this is part of the trap of living a pre-packaged life. When you buy into a story about how things are supposed to work, you are taken by surprise when it does not turn out as you expect. Many people are following “the plan” in order to avoid something just like this. They do not want to face an unknown future.

I will let you in on a secret: The future is always unknown and there will always be change. The trick is to learn how to roll with whatever is happening.

The first step to doing this is to release the idea that things are “supposed to” work a certain way and learn to be present with what is without judging it good or bad. When you are judging a situation, you are not really accepting it for what it is, especially if you are judging something as being bad. It creates resistance to what is. What you resist persists.

Take action in the moment if something does not feel good to you. Something only becomes a problem if you do not respond to it in the moment that you feel the initial discomfort. Ask yourself: “What would feel better to me in this moment”. Take the action that brings you closer to that better feeling place. It is all about being tuned into your preferences
The finale step to rolling with the unknown is to know that the Universe is a benevolent place, and that it is conspiring with you to bring you the experiences that you desire. Why not try this belief on for size for a while and see what happens?
As always, if you find it difficult to intergrate these ideas into your life, give me a call and we can talk about how I might help you

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