Fear is Soooooo Tricky……..

Today on Defy the Box Radio I talked about fear.

Strangely enough, I was fearful about doing the show…which is very unusual for me.

But this was the first time with the new show format and I was doing things in more of a questions and answer kind of way, with a bit of “spotlight” coaching thrown in. I was on my own with no co-host or guest to interview, and I was nervous about talking to myself and having to fill up all the space. It felt awkward and I was certainly having a hard time getting into my flow. Things shifted once I opened up the line and did some coaching……that feels so natural to me and I am in my flow when I am doing it.

I do think I am going to continue my quest to find a co-host if you think your might know someone.That will certainly help make it more fun for me……which usually translates to more fun for everyone. 😉

But I am rambling here…..lets get back to the topic of fear.

Fear is one of the main reasons that people hire me. They want to make some big changes in their lives and they are afraid to do it.

Fear is tricky…it shows up in all kinds of disguises.










Cluelessness ( is that even a word?)


Today fear showed up disguised as nervousness and confusion for me.

I was edgy, uncomfortable and my mind was feeling pretty blank. I admit it sucked, but I got through it.

So what is our fear trying to tell us…or do for us?

Seth Godin does an amazing job of breaking this all down in his book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? . ( I highly suggest reading it.) I am going to give you the condensed version here.

Originally, fears purpose was survival, but now it mostly keeps you from expanding into your highest potential.

Your fear response is one of the oldest parts of you. It comes from the part of your brain referred to as the “Lizard Brain”.  It’s original purpose was to help you survive. Its goal is to keep you small and hidden so that you blend in and don’t get eaten!  Your fear wants’ you to be part of the pack because you are more likely to survive.  It is just trying to keep you alive!

But the reality is that we don’t need to worry about getting eaten anymore.

Funny how the idea of standing out from the crowd and being really seen in our full unique glory can inspire fear in the best of us. (It’s the Lizard Brain just doing its job.)

The cool thing is that humans have evolved to the point where we can focus our attention on creativity and living a meaningful life. We have more ability to focus on our own expansion.

I suspect that if you are reading this, you are focused on YOUR own expansion.

So now that we know what fear is…….what do you do about it?

I have an awesome  3 step process for kicking fear’s ass that I will share with you next time……..

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