Focusing on Freedom While Being a Slacker

Ok, I admit it- I’ve been being a total slacker the past few weeks. I’ve had so many fun things going on that I’ve been having a hard time focusing on work. I’ve been too busy taking off to the country and chillaxin!

Hanging with the Ladies

Can you blame me?  It’s Summer time and I’ve been taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility that I’ve built into my life. This freedom is important to me. I like to be in charge of my own schedule and choose when I want to work and when I want to play. Being able to make choices like this is a big part of what makes my life Kick-Ass.

For me, a Kick-Ass Life is all about freedom; the freedom to choose what I want in my life and the freedom to be 100% ME in my full freaky glory.

What does freedom mean to you in your life?

Focusing on Freedom

When I am focusing on work, I’m focusing on freedom.

I’ve been engaging in a deep conversation about freedom and what prevents you from having it with all the awesome subscribers to my Kick-Ass List.

It’s pretty clear to me that the only thing standing between any of us and the Kick-Ass Life of our dreams is the stories we tell ourselves that say we can’t have it. The problem is that these stories are so imbedded into our subconscious we don’t question them. We  end up believing that they are true even thought they make us feel bad about ourselves and limit what is possible in our lives.

It’s my mission to help you uncover these stories and question them so you can set yourself free and start living your Kick-Ass Life. I love witnessing the shift that happens in my client’s lives once they identify the stories that have been holding them back, and how quickly things change once they stop believing them. It’s a beautiful thing to see!

If you feel like you can benefit from some of this work let me know. I”d love the opportunity to help you set yourself free so that you can begin choosing what you want in your Kick-Ass Life.

I feel like it’s time to dive in and put together a series of cool free classes and some new ways to work together.  Due to popular demand, I’ll be kicking things off by talking about how to connect to your version of a Kick-Ass Life sometime in August.

I’m also working on putting together a few resources for you to help you create a Kick-Ass Life of your own.

My Kick-Ass Dream Life

I can’t forget to mention the awesome new episode of the podcast-My Kick-Ass Dream Life -that we recently did. It’s called Weird, Spiritual and Totally Booked: 3 Simple and Time Effective Facebook Strategies to Attract More Clients to Your Out of the Box Business

My new friend Paul Zelizer is my guest and he shows you how to talk about your out of the box spiritual business in a way that easily attracts your right people to you. We had a wonderful conversation about owning your talents and flying your freak flag so that your right people can easily find you. Paul’s ideas are in perfect alignment with the stuff that I talk about with my coaching clients when it comes to creating a Kick-Ass Life. Paul applies these same ideas to filling your Kick-Ass business. I encourage you to click on over to the podcast page and give Weird, Spiritual and Totally Booked a listen. There’s lots of juicy bits to pick up on.

Her Unfolding Journey

While I’m talking about podcasts I want to mention that I was a guest on Mark Semple’s podcast/show called Her Unfolding Journey. I shared a bit about my unfolding journey and we had a great conversation about living a Kick-Ass Life and flying your freak flag. It was a blast to share space with Mark like this! You can listen to the recording here.

That’s it for now!

I hope you have a Kick-Ass day!



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