Four Tips For Making Your Wishes Come True Faster Than Ever Before

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Do you feel like it takes WAY TO LONG to make your wishes come true?

It’s a common complaint and a major reason why people hire me. They’re sick and tired of struggling to create the life and business that they’ve been wishing for. They are ready for their lives and careers to be great – RIGHT NOW!!  And they know that I can help them make their wishes come true much faster than they can do it on their own.

If you are like the phenoms that I work with, you have been working hard on wish fulfillment, but you aren’t anywhere near where you want to be. Things keep getting in the way and you find yourself over analyzing everything, second guessing yourself and the whole process feels pretty crappy.

Sound familiar?

I want to help you speed things up too. That’s why I whipped up this post for you that shares 4 tips for making your wishes come true faster than ever before.

The reason why things are taking so long and you’re feeling crappy is because you are not in alignment with your desire. You need to line up your energy with what you want so you are an energetic match to it and only then can it easily show up in your life

If you were aligned with having it right now- you’d be living it not wishing for it.

A wish is something that feels really good to you and I bet in your mind- it has been just beyond your reach. Because it is something that you have been longing for, I bet you constantly notice that it is not there. You feel the lack of your wish being fulfilled. When you are focused on something NOT being there… can’t possibly come into your experience. You might not even notice it if it did show up cause your attention is focused in the wrong place.

How do you align your energy with your desire/wish?

These four things are a great place to start!

These are all things I have my clients do first thing when we start working together.


1. Get really clear on what it is you are wishing for and create a vision you can refer back to. Sink deep down into the essence of your desire and identify how you’re going to FEEL when you have it. Picture what it means to you and what it will look like in your life on a daily basis. Write this vision out, make a vision board, or a dream book.

The purpose of this is to give you something to help you connect to the same excited, inspired happy feeling place that you were when you first committed to making this wish a reality.

Sit with your vision everyday and picture yourself living it and using everything that it brings to you. For example, if you wish for more money, claim an amount that you want, and mentally think of all the things you will do with that money. Happy spend this money over and over again in your mind.


2. Look for evidence of your wish coming true and celebrate every bit of progress that you make. Everything you do brings you one step closer to your wish being fulfilled.  Far too often, we focus our attention on what isn’t here yet, and we ignore all the progress that we have made. Noticing and celebrating every step you take shifts your focus from what is NOT there to what is being created. Celebrating feels good and keeps your energy heading in the right direction.


3. Pay attention to your inner-dialogue and any thoughts that come up and make you second guess and doubt yourself. It’s important to be aware of these self-defeating thoughts so you can wrangle them in and make them work FOR you instead of against you.

The most common self-defeating belief that I see in the super stars I work with is one that says– I can’t really have what I desire. This belief runs deep and hides out in the dark recesses of our minds.  Often times we try to ignore it and go after what we want anyway….but it’s there lurking around and prevents us from really going for what we want or giving up as soon as we are faced with obstacles. Unchecked it slows the process way down and convinces you to head off in a “safer” direction.


4. Maintain a positive mental energy flow. This means intentionally choosing to focus on thoughts that feel good to you and looking for things that you appreciate and want more of.

If you were only going to do one of these 4 things…this is the one to do. It will quickly bring your energy into alignment with what you want to create for yourself.

Where you focus your attention is one of the few things that you can control. Start a daily appreciation practice. Look for things that feel good and make you happy. Take note of what works in your life and that you want more of. Seek out the juicy goodness.

I know that this can be a big stretch because it’s not how we are taught to view life. We are more likely to focus on what we don’t like, isn’t working, and what’s missing. The more you focus on the lack, the more lack you will get.

The Daily YUM is fabulous resource I share with all my paying clients to help maintain a positive mental flow. I’d love to offer you a copy of it too. You can access it by clicking this link

What wishes are percolating down deep in your soul?

What are you doing to make them come true?


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