Freak Flag Profile- Erika Lyremark

Can you be your freaky, bad-ass-self in your biz and still bring home the bacon?

Hell Yhea!!!

I decided to do something new on my podcast- 30 minute freak flag profiles where I interview people who aren’t afraid to fly their freak flag in their biz—-and they have a pile of money to show for it.

I hope you enjoy this tasty little morsel……

Freak Flag Profile- Erika Lyremark-Daily Whip

Erika  is a fine example of someone who flies her freak flag high and proud while she rakes in the cash.

Erika started her own entrepreneurial track while working as an exotic dancer. After the pole, she went on to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate company and launch Daily Whip, her coaching consultancy.
She’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business Magazine, Metro Magazine, KSTP Channel 5 News, Twin Cities Live, The Michelle Tafoya show on WCCO radio and she even cracked the whip on a promotional video for Oprah’s Have Your Own Show!
Erika’s also author of the action guide “Revenue, Results & Red Carpet Dreams.” And forthcoming book “Think Like A Stripper: How To Hustle Your Business Like You Mean It!

Listen to our conversation here-

Kick-Ass Consultation

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